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I met Gary Yackel and his family at the dock at 8 on a Saturday morning. We took off, down the river. I knew that the CCBA fishing tournament was the same day. I headed straight to my pinfish traps, when I slowed down at the first trap I looked behind me and there were 2 boats following me. I thought to myself, I know how this day is going to turn out. We took off through the mangrove littered creeks ran about a mile, a wake popped up on the North shore line of the creek that we were in. Gary saw it also, he has fished enough with me to know that their was something to the wake. I shut the boat down and let the fish settle. Put the Minn Kota in the water and slowly eased up the narrow ditch that the fish entered. Slowly and quietly we pushed forward until I could see about 40 big Reds in the back of a pond that ditch opened into. I launched 2 live pinfish into the middle of the school. It was only about 3 minutes, it felt like 30, before the drag started screaming off of the reel that Gregg was holding. The oversized Red put up a hard fight, then it decided to head out the creek where the boat was anchored. As the Red came towards the boat it turned and went under 3 mangrove roots. I told  Gregg to open the bail on the reel, to give the large fish a free spool. I quickly slipped my shoes off and the wallet out of my pocket and into the water I went with rod in hand. I was able to slide the rod under the roots as the red shot under the the boat and out the creek. As soon as the line was free from the mangroves I handed the rod back to Gregg , so he could finish the fight with the 32 inch Red. The day turned out to be a good day fishing with some big Trout for dinner.

Capt Kelly
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