May 2015 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail

May is one of the best months to fish here on the nature Coast. Fishing is way hotter than the weather. All the migration patterns are in full swing. From Tarpon to Spanish mackerel ,all of the palagic fish are heading back north for the summer. The red fish bite will be hot.  With full bag limits and plenty of over slot fish released alive. Red fishing has to be my personal all time fish to target. The main reason being, you can fish for them here all year long, with the warmer months being the best time to target them. Red fish can be targeted with many different kinds of bait. Live pinfish, shrimp, cut bait, to almost any kind of artificial you can imagine to throw. Anything that will work for bass on your favorite fresh water fishing hole will work for the Reds. Top water in the first couple of hours in the morning is about as much fun as you can have. Reds primarily feed on the bottom. Their mouth is designed that way. This is why they "tail" when feeding on the flats. Head down and tail up rooting around on the bottom for small crabs, shrimp and other shellfish. When they feed on the surface it is a whole different ball game. Red fish have to come up over the top of their prey, this makes quite the show on the surface. The biggest mistake most people make is setting the hook when they see the "blow up", and end up pulling the bait away from the fish, you have to set the hook until you can feel the pull on your line.
Then the battle is on. Enjoy your time on the water, take time to enjoy the pristine waters of the Crystal River and Ozello area.
Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
Inshore and flats fishing