March 2014 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail

I was poling my Gulfshore 20 into a narrow Mangrove creek, when a school of over slot red fish started pushing a wake 40 yards up the creek. I told my client, Robert, There thy are, get ready. I knew where the fish were going to settle, so that's where we placed the large, live shrimp that Robert was using for bait. 60 seconds later the fish spook and come pouring out the creek like a bunch of Texas long horns on stampede. I tell Robert there they go look at all of them, as they blast out the creek 10 feet from the side of the boat. I'm looking at the fish as they rocket by, Thats when iI see it, Robert's line is going with them! I start shouting out of excitement, REEL! The bull on the other end of Roberts line took him around the boat 3 times. All I could hear, besides screaming drag, was Robert. " Lord please don't let this line break. When we got the fish in the boat it was 33inches and weighed 12.5pounds.

We have also been able to do some sight fishing for Trout getting our limit on most of the trips over the last 30 days. Fishing has been on fire, and will be as water temps are warming up. Book your adventure now.
Capt Kelly