Crystal River Fishing Report
June 17th Crystal River Fishing and Scallop Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Monday, 17 June 2013 15:07

Nothing goes together like the 4th and Scalloping! Diving Scallops during the day then coming in and watching the Crystal River fireworks after dark form the boat is one of the traditions that my family has kept to as long as I can remember. This is a tradition that I have been sharing with my kids as well, and they love it. From the teenagers to the youngest at the ripe old age of 3. My little guy loves to go and get in the water with the rest of the family. He is not big enough to dive the scallops yet so what we do is we get a float that he can set in and tie a string to it and Dad drags him along as he dives. Remember safety first while on the water this summer and always keep an eye on the weather. There is one thing that I have learned out of all these years on the water, you may have the experience of a lot of years operating a boat but the boat you are passing, it may be their first time on the water.

          On the fishing side of things. The Trout bite has stayed strong as the water temps have gone from warm to hot. The Trout have  moved from the shallow flats to the flats of the Nature Coast that are in 6 to 10 foot of water. The two methods that have been working the best for me are: popping cork with 3 feet of leader, and a jig with a soft plastic bait with some scent  on it. The other that has worked so far is a jig with a soft plastic with scent like a Gulp, bouncing it along the bottom. This all works the best when the tide is moving. The fish don't seem to be biting when the tide is slack. A lot of small Trout mixed in, makes me feel good about the Trout fishing In the future.
         Black Drum and Sharks are two of the big fish that will be here for a drag rippin summer. The largest Black drum that some of my clients have been able to land has just been over 40 pounds, with 30 pound fish very common. The size limit on the Black Drum has slot of 14 to 24 inches with 1 over 24 inches and a bag limit of 5. The slot Drum are very tasty, they have a meat comparable to Red Fish. However the over slot fish tend to have worms in them. The big ones fight hard and make a great picture for a trophy to remember them by. When targeting the large Drum I free line a blue crab with a circle hook. I have also caught them on shrimp and gulps.  A good leader is necessary as they  feed around and on live oysters which are very sharp and will cut your line.  
Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
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May 15th 2013 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 14:12

It is May 14 the cold fronts are still rolling down from the North. It was 46 degrees here this morning. It is good news for the Trout bite keeping them on the inshore flats of the Nature Coast. We are still catching limits of trout most of the days that the weather will allow us to fish.

  I think the best news that I can share with you is the arrival of the Mighty Tarpon! Yes the Silver King is back on their migration around the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I have been checking areas weekly for the last 30 days looking for some early arrivals, and have been seeing one or two here and there. Today was the first day that I have found any groups with some real numbers to them. The first pod had approximately 40 fish in it. Then a few hours later the next group had a few less in it. This means that things are only going to get better for the next 30 to 60 days!
  If you are interested in keeping up with a more up to the minute reports on what we are catching like my facebook page- Spottails Charters. I will be posting pictures and videos for you to view. If you would like to try your hand at catching some of these giant fish that put up huge, drag screaming runs, acrobatic leaps in the air, and just plan raw power give me a call 352-302-5861
Capt Kelly Kofmehl 
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Don't forget about Scalloping. 2013 Crystal River Scallop Season Starts July 1st.
April 15th 2013 Crystal River Fishing Report and Fishin with Mel Tournament PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 13:47
At the time of writing this fishing forecast report the Fishin with Mel Tournament has just been completed. I fished the same clients in the tournament that have fished with me for the last 3 years, Vic, Scott, and Randell Buttermore, form Ocala.  We had a great day fishing, catching Trout, Red Fish, and Mackerel. First fish ont he boat was a perfect 27in Red, then a nice Trout. as the day went on we caught several more Reds and Trout. we decided to run out in the bay and see if we could catch a Mackerel. We only caught 1 and several more small Trout. Time started to run short so we headed to the weigh in. Scott took 3rd in the Red Fish division , Vic took 1st in the inshore slam, combination of 1 Trout, 1 Red fish, and a Mackerel. Randell took 3rd in the junior division with a nice Red. It turned out to be a great day for the Buttermore family and Spottails Charters.
  Looking forward to the month of May all I can think about is the arrival of the Mighty Tarpon. I will continue to fish for all of the other inshore species that the Nature Coast has to offer, but I can add the Silver King to the list. Also Shark fishing will heat up, with the big Bulls following the large schools of Tarpon. There are many options to try to target in the month of May, but the one that gets me the most fired up is with out a doubt is Tarpon. If you want to try your hand at Tarpon, Fly fisherman or bait, first time or old pro, give me a call and we will go on an adventure of a life time on the Crystal Clear waters of the Nature Coast.
  Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
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Don't forget about Scalloping. 2013 Scallop Season Starts July 1st.
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March 2013 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 14 March 2013 15:57


April has to be my absolute favorite month to Trout fish. The mild temperatures  make fishing an absolute pleasure this time of year, they also make the Trout very active, bringing bag limits of the tasty treats home for most fisherman. In April Trout will hit almost anything thrown at them form shrimp and cut bait, to the soft and hard plastic baits. It is also a prime time for Fly fisherman to try their hand at a bag limit of big Trout. Most of the Trout that I catch this time of the year are top slot to over the slot fish, not very many of under size fish, this is one of the reasons April is my favorite time to fish for them.
Also look for schools of Spanish Mackerel to start to show up out on the edges of the flats and out in the bay. Mackerel can be brought into casting range with chumming. Chum blocks can be purchased at most of the bait and tackle shops around Crystal River, and are very effective when targeting them. Mackerel shrimp will hit, everything likes shrimp especially me, and small spoons. Most of the people that I know like to smoke their Mackerel and eat it like that or make a smoked fish dip with it.
The Redfishing will also be strong in April. They will be more active as the water temps are heating up. if you have followed any of my articals over the last couple of years you will know that I love to Red fish. The tournaments are all starting up this time of year from the Mel Tillis, April 13, to the CCBA ( Citrus County Builders Assoc.)April 27 and 28 so come out and join the fun both are a lot of fun for the whole family. Hope to see you there.
Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
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February 2013 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 31 January 2013 15:58
On a recent trip fishing the crystal clear inshore waters of the Nature Coast the Trout bite was Awesome. We left the dock around 8:30 in the am. The fog was so thick that one could only see a about 100ft, as we idled down the Crystal River we passed about a half dozen Manatee tour boats headed up the river. We left the Crystal River and jumped into Salt River. The tide was extremely low and still going out, so I lifted the jack plate and jumped the Gulfshore 20 on top, still foggy but I could see 200ft now. I ran into some pot holes that I have had been holding a few nice Trout. I get the boat shut down in the first hole and sure enough the first cast, boom Trout. When my client got him to the boat it was a 14 incher, 1 inch to small. We fished around that area catching about 35 Trout and some Blue fish, but only had about 3 keepers. By now the tide was starting to turn at one of my favorite "hot spots" so I told the guys lets go. When we got there, it was perfect, no wind and the tide just right. I jumped up on the poling platform and I could see Trout every where, and not just Trout but big Trout. My clients, Bruce and Mike, were ready for action. Making a slow drift, we got our baits in front of the Trout, we caught the other 13 Trout we needed to finish out our limit in about 20 minutes bringing the half day to an end with a bang. Everyone was happy and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Nature Coast on the ride back to the dock.
Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
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Crystal River Fishing Report January 13th 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Sunday, 13 January 2013 15:32

As the new year rolls in so has the Sunshine. On the Nature we are experiencing unseasonably warm days and nights, record high temperatures have been set. So you say what does this mean to me? I'll tell you what it means, it means that the fishing is hotter than the weather! The bite has been off of the charts. The big part of the story is Pompano. My clients have been taking these tasty treats for the gulf home more days than not. Pompano were one of the most sought after fish for the restaurants, for their flavor and an even thickness of the fillet. These tasty treats put up one of the hardest fights, pound for pound, of any other fish in the gulf.

  Of course the trout and red fish bite has been strong as well. Catching limits of trout on the days that I am targeting them. I look for this trend to continue for the next few weeks. The red fish are dropping out on to the flats where the pristine waters of the Nature Coast flow in and out with the tides An added bonus for all of you bird watchers, huge flocks of migratory ducks, white pelicans, and many other migratory birds are being seen every day along with pods of Porpoises.Come and experience some of this action while the temperatures are so mild. Call to book your next adventure.
   Capt. Kelly Kofmehl.
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December 7th 2012 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Friday, 07 December 2012 14:56

Don't Forget to say Thanks to our Vets On Pearl Harbor Day!!!!!

The first 6 days of December have been unusually warm, in years past we
normally have a strong cold front in the first week of the month. What all
of this means that the water temps have risen on the near shore waters of
the Nature Coast about 6 degrees, this has triggered the Trout and Red fish
to move back on the flats with a big appatite. Making the fishing of the
mangrove creeks and the flats just off of the mouths of the creeks
fantastic. With limits of Trout and Reds being caught most of the recent
trips. We have also have been able to land some mixed bags consisting of
Sheephead and some Mangrove Snapper while fishing for Reds and Trout. The
weather man is saying thst the warm weather will continue for at least
another week or so. It is a great time to book your next advinture with
Spottails Charters while the temps are unseasonable mild.
  Capt Kelly Kofmehl

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Crystal River November Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Monday, 12 November 2012 15:27

 With Santa on his way with all the gifts for the boys and girls, it is a wonderful time of the year to be fishing the Nature Coast. With the many Spring fed rivers of Citrus county there is always something to fish for. The water temperature of the springs at the head waters of the Crystal River are 72 degrees year round, making them a prime area for Red fish, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Sheephead, and Trout on the cold winter days. Lady fish fill the rivers and are willing to bite just about any bait that you want to throw. This is prime time to take a kid fishing. Action filled trips with shorter amounts of time on the water are sure to put a smile on a young ones face. If you are into Fly fishing it is an excellent time to stay in practice for the rest of the year. Be on the look put for large Jacks while fishing in the rivers for some drag rippin action. I have to admit that December is a rod bending, action filled month.  
      The Spring feed rivers will also be full of Manatees, making a sighting of a few of these gentle giants on the top on any ones list of things to do. Migratory birds of all kinds can be spotted, form the Bald Eagle to many different species of Ducks.
      Not many places on the Planet can compare with the fishing and the scenery , of the Nature Coast of Florida in the winter months. To book a trip filled with rod bending action and beautiful surroundings like no other give me a call.

  Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
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October Fishing Report Crystal River PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 16:56

As Summer rolls out and Fall rolls in, the cooler Temperatures are most welcome after a long, hot, wet summer. The cooler temps have the fish of the Nature Coast on the move once again. November is a great month to fish for the fact that you may see schools of fish moving around the flats that you might not see any other time of the year. And if you can see them then you will have the opportunity to catch them. There are many species that move South for the warmer waters such as Pompano, Permit, Cobia, and Mackeral just to name a few... Mullet are in large schools fatening themselves for their journey offshore for their spawn, otherwise known as the Mullet Run.

   Trout are back on the shore line and the shallow flats, feeding on shrimp and small fish. My favorite way to rig for Trout this time of  year, is to use a popping cork with about 2 feet of 20 pound leader tied to a jig, and baited with a gulp or a live shrimp. Sometimes the Pinfish are still to aggressive for these baits,  I will switch to a bait without as much sent such as a D.O.A. shrimp or a Zoom jerk bait. On the other end of the line I like a Okuma Citrix 7 foot rod and a Cedros 30 spinning reel. My Cedros reel is loaded with 10 pound test Vicious braided line. Fall Trout seem to feed the best on the young flood, or the beginning of the incoming tide to about half way in.
   Redfish are also on top of the list of fall fish to target. On some of the low tides due to the Northeast winds this time of the year, they can be a little more difficult to find, but there are still plenty of them around and they will be hungry. I like to use the time proven Gold Spoon to cover a lot of ground while in search of the Red Drum with the spot on his tail. With the cooler weather it is a great time to get on the water and experience a Sunrise or a Sunset on the crystal clear waters of the Nature Coast. 
   Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
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