Crystal River Fishing Report
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Friday, 13 January 2012 13:51
Jan. 2012
The last week of December the weather was warm and the fishing was hot! My clients were able to catch there limits of reds when the tides got right to fish for them. I took my son (Kelly jr.) fishing on the Friday before Christmas break was over. He caught several reds before coming in. He caught the 30in red in the photo on a 5in gulp jerk bait, nosed hooked with a smell live bait hook, with an Okuma C3x rod and an Okuma trio reel spooled with 10lb power pro line, and 15lb leader.
Now that we are in the new year the weather is in for a cold change. Cold North winds are being predicted for the first part of the week, with temperatures as low as the high 20's for the first of the week. I will be fishing around the river and in the back bays near the warmer spring waters. Small shallow running plugs will work on trout as well as live shrimp. Fish the deeper channels and around the rocky points in the river. Mangrove snapper will be close to the warm water of the springs. When I target the mangos I use a small jig head with a live shrimp.
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Friday, 13 January 2012 13:48
Dec. 2011
Another week of winter low tides and north east winds to come. Look for trout to be found in the deeper holes around the mouth of the Crystal river, St. Martians river, and Fish creek. Look for the holes with the hard bottom in them. This will be indicated by the kelp, or rock, grass in and around the hole. Some of these holes can be found between two oyster bars, or gaps in the bars. Zoom glow jerk baits nose hooked, twitching very slow has been very productive for me. Also using live shrimp works well.

The red fishing has also been good. We have caught some nice reds in some of the same holes as the trout. The best results have been on shrimp. We also have been successful using cut mullet in strips, on a circle hook, and just letting the bait lay on the bottom. Mangrove snapper have started moving into the rivers. They can be found around the rocky points where the tide has washed out a deep pocket, and up in the bays around the springs. I use a small jig head tipped with shrimp, light leader (10 to 15lb test) and retrieve the bait super slow if I move it at all.

The forecast this coming week is for more strong northeast wind. So these are some tips to keep you on the water being as successful as you can and enjoying the time that you may have.
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Friday, 13 January 2012 13:31
Nov. 2011
Warm days and cold days. Is it winter is it fall? Fishing in Crystal river with the Northeast winds and no water can be very productive. This has to be one of favorite times of the year to fish. Limits of reds and trout in the same day. With these low tides the fish fall into the small channels
and sand holes that are scattered all around the Crystal River area. No matter the bait of choice, the colder the water gets the slower you gotta work it. We are catching limits of reds and trout in the same day regularly. It is a good time to come and see what catching is all about.
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Friday, 13 January 2012 13:29
Oct. 2011
October is the month of is the first real month of fall on the nature coast. The first real Northeasters blowing in the cooler temperatures, and the water temps starting to cool off. This means Trout on the shore line, Spanish Mackerel migrating South, Snook moving into the back country, and schools of Red fish. October in Crystal River is a very productive month. It is not uncommon to limit out on Trout and Red Fish in a full day charter. In the past few weeks I have found using a Cajun thunder popping cork, 18 to 24 inches of 15 pound leader, to a jig head with a white Gulp or a live shrimp to be the best for the Trout while fishing the Crystal River area.
Red fishing I will use 10 pound test braid line, tied line to line, to 20 pound leader. For the hook I use a 3/0 circle hook baited with a piece of cut mullet.
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